• PLEASE ensure that the surface is cleaned well with no residue of oil, fuel, chemicals, polish or waxed finishes on the surface that may not be seen by the naked eye. Surface can be wiped with Acetone prior to ensure it is perfectly clean. It is important to test a small area first to ensure that Acetone will not damage your surface.
  • If applying to wood of any kind please make certain that the wood is sealed with a varnish or paint of any kind with a gloss finish to ensure the best adhesion once paint is completely dry after 48 hours.
  • Avoid handling or placing fingers on the adhesive backing once the backing sheet has been removed slightly to position as excessive handling with natural oils in our hands needs to be avoided as much as possible so it is Highly Recommended to wash hands thoroughly prior to application.
  • Avoid walking all together over the surface once cleaned with bare feet which once again contain natural oils or may have collected any dust, dirt or grime from prior walking surface.
  • After you have cut or shaped your Adventure Diamond Deck and are ready to position in place, peel off only 100mm or so of the backing sheet first folding and exposing only 100mm of self-adhesive and then turn over to position ready to apply and check whole piece is in position before applying too much pressure so you are not pulling it up too many times or handling it with fingers excessively. Once positioned apply pressure and then peel backing sheet off in small lengths and apply pressure evenly and once completed it is recommended that you apply pressure again several hours after first application.
  • Diamond Deck can be applied indoors or outdoors but if applied on HOT Sunny days outdoors you will find that Diamond Deck will soften and become more pliable to work with which can assist if you are applying to any small contours.
  • Sicaflex can be applied around the edge of Diamond Deck if desired and is highly recommended when applying to checker plate to ensure a perfect seal.


  • As our product does not absorb water or liquids the best way to deal with messy fish insides or blood is to grab a bucket of water from over the edge and flush away the mess straight away.
  • If blood or any dark and dirty mess is left to bake in the sun on Diamond Deck you can be assured it will not absorb any more into the surface but it will become hard and stain if left for a longer period or days that will need to be scrubbed longer and harder in the same fashion that you would if you spilled beetroot juice on your carpet and cleaned it within 5 minutes or 5 days.
  • A huge distinct advantage with cleaning Diamond Deck over carpet is the pure ease of simply hosing it down at the end of the day with a garden hose or you are welcome to even use a water pressure gun for ease of cleaning quickly but keep in mind to keep high pressure nozzle a good distance away from the surface to ensure it is not pierced in any way as some are very powerful and can remove paint or pierce your skin quite easily.
  • Soapy water, washing liquid or disinfectant can all be used but do not use harsh or unknown chemicals prior to substantial testing first.